Why Lease With Us?

When you lease your property to someone else, you have to trust them to maintain the property well as if it is their own. This is where we step in and help you. Landlords can give us their trust to find the best tenants for their property, and we will do our best to find excellent tenants and manage them so that your property is well taken care of.


Here are our 4 approaches in managing or leasing properties for you:


       1. Maximise Your Return on Investment

Along the way, we will ensure to always take the best decision that will positively affect your Return on Investment (ROI) as well as your property’s well being.


       2. 24/7 Real Time Technology

There is available online property software that will enable landlords to monitor their properties in real time. This allows landlords to continuously receive updates and information on the properties managed. Nevertheless, it is very simple to use and also a user-friendly software.


       3. Integration with Third Party Websites

We partner ourselves in advertising and marketing your properties with more than 15 third party website companies in the property industry. By doing this the leased property will be renowned by wide range of people in a short time.


       4. Obtaining the Best Possible Tenant

Getting you the most suitable tenant is very important and crucial for the state of your property. We ensure to filter applicants carefully and choose the best as your tenants.

In order to be able to get as many applicants as possible, we create a strong marketing and advertising package which include:

  • High quality photograph
  • Tenant waiting lists
  • Advertisement in our website

We are also very careful in selecting one of these applicants into tenants for your property. We have a strict tenant selection process to ensure that the best applicants are secured, this include:

  • 100 points worth of identification check
  • Application Form for all tenants above 18 years old
  • Reference check with applicants’ current and previous landlords/ agents
  • Reference check with applicants’ current and previous work place
  • Proof of income and proof of address
  • Managing the Tenants 

We conduct routine inspections for your properties to ensure that it is well maintained and taken care of by the tenants. We will also make sure that they benefit from the satisfying experience by renting in our properties. 


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